This book is about hope. One of the great
ironies is that even though this is  a work of
fiction, and Publisher's Weekly gave it a nice
review years ago, the one true moment was
something they found not credible.

The story of the godchild is really the story of
Gregory Bowen,. I didn't know the family when
I read an obituary in the paper about a 12 year
old boy. He was best friends to one of my
husband's boy scouts (Randy is the troop
leader). Gregory had been bird watching early
one morning, slipped and was hung by his
sturdy binoculars.

Months later I had a late breakfast with Susan
Stallings, the mother  of the scout who knew
Gregory; both families were close.

She told me about a recent dream she had of
this young boy. They were in a cafeteria with
lots of  families and friends all around but no
one could see him except Susan. Gregory was
happy and healthy, smiling and laughing with
Susan that no one else could see him but her.
Throughout the rest of the night she kept
reminding herself to remember this and also a
verse from Second Thessalonian.

The next morning she called Therese,
Gregory's mother and told her everything she
could remember. In her excitement, she didn't
notice the mother's reticence and reserve.

Days later Therese called back; Susan had
called on her birthday, she explained, and
Gregory more than my other three children
always made sure she had a birthday card. So
in a sense, she was suffering  another new loss.

Later that day, she opened her bible to the
verse in Second Thessalonian and caught her
breath. There, tucked on that page, was a
picture he had drawn for her a few years before.

Once again, Gregory Bowen made sure his
mother had a birthday card on her birthday
following is death.

This is what a sundog moment is - a real,
tangible moment of hope.

Do you have one you would like to share? Over
time I am hoping to publish a compilation of
other people's sundog moments. If you
would like to share one of your own, please
send it to
Include you names and email address.I may not
get back with everyone who shares a  story but
I'll try.

Thank you and God bless you!