Sharon Baldacci,
"A Sun Dog Moment" is engaging, original, and inspirational. This beautifully written first
novel proves that brother David isn't the only Baldacci who inherited the writing genes."

-Richard Paul Evans,
New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Box and A Perfect Day

"A stunning debut novel...beautifully told with humor and warmth... You will love this

-Adriana Trigiani,
Author of the Big Stone Gap trilogy and many other wonderful books.

In the mid-1990s

“What do you want most in the world?” My younger brother David asked.

What did I want most in the world? To be able to run was the first
immediate thought. But I was silent so he expanded the question.

“What does everyone want most in the world?”“

“ the lottery?”
Bingo, and the “The Winner” was born. It became his third novel.

By 1989 I could no longer run, something I took for granted and after it was
taken away, I started having very vivid dreams of running, of biking, of
having extraordinary energy.

My sons used to watch the series HOUSE, and I remember one episode
where his leg was healed and he would take off running a long distance
and then turn around and do it again…just because he could.

My dreams were like that, and what I remember most is the synchronicity
of it, the arms moving in tandem with the legs, everything working so well.

One real memory stands out, I was walking my younger son in a stroller
and limping badly when a friend came bouncing across a two lane road,
easily and gracefully and all I wanted to do was scream as loud as I could

That was years ago. Now I’m really grateful that I can still walk using a

On some great morning, I feel that everything is working in synch and the
walking is fast and wonderful.
In a way the things I used to be able to do don't matter anymore.

Because, I’ve changed.

I no longer dream of running.