About the books…

A Sundog Moment: A Novel of Hope, was first published in April 2004; the
paperback edition was released in February 2006. It's the story of a middle-
aged couple who has had an easy and happy life, goals met and exceeded, and
life is very, very good. Then the wife, Elizabeth, is diagnosed with multiple
sclerosis and everything changes: The couple will be challenged in their love for
each other,  and their extended family will also have to change.
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The new novel, Reflected Light, is still in editing and hasn't been sold yet.
Here's what to expect:

    What happens on Thanksgiving Day when a family is waiting for
    Glory Lee, beautiful and vibrant daughter of William and Mary
    Martha Ward and sister of Katie, and she never shows up? The
    mother is furious, certain this headstrong, willful girl has just let
    them all down once again. The young sister is heartbroken
    because she loves her sister so much, while the father tries to
    placate everyone, to salvage the day. By late afternoon, the
    family discovers the truth: Glory Lee Ward has been murdered
    in the small city townhouse where she lives while attending

    The police are stymied because there is no evidence. The
    mother absolutely knows who did this terrible thing and that
    knowledge tears the family apart and changes their lives
    forever. Near the time of the murder, an older man is going to
    jail for something he really isn't responsible for, although he is
    guilty of other things. Five years later, right before he gets out,
    he really and truly is touched by God. But what happens to his
    past if it comes and impacts his present? Ultimately this is a
    story of salvation and redemption.
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